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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Udhampur Pincode / Post Office Search (UDHAMPUR, Jammu & Kashmir)

Bainsta B.O 182126UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Bali B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Barerian B.O 182126UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Barmeen B.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Barola B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Chak Rakhwalan B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Chanunta B.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Charyari B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Chenani S.O 182141UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Damnet B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Galiote B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Gandala B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Garnai B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Hartrian B.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Hartriyan B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Jaganoo S.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Jakhani B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Jangalgali B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Jib B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Johnu B.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Kainthgali B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Kakrial B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Kaldi B.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Kalsote B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Krimchi B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Kuddal B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Kuhritti B.O 182126UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Ladha B.O 182141UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Ladha B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Landhar B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Malhar B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Mand B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Mangal B.O 182301UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Mir S.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Mj Road Nd S.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Mongri B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Omara Morh S.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Pakhlai B.O 182141UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Panjar B.O 182125UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Panthal B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
PTC Udhampur S.O 182104UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
PTS Udhampur B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Rathian B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Roan S.O 182126UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Salmehri B.O 182128UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Salmeri B.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Samroli B.O 182141UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Seen Bhramena B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Seen Thakrian B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Sermanjla B.O 182124UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Shaktinagar S.O (Udhampur) 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Tikri B.O 182121UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Udhampur District Court S.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir
Udhampur H.O 182101UdhampurJammu & Kashmir